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A function which returns an object containing plugin details

const details = () => {
return {
id: 'Tdarr_Plugin_aaaa_Pre_Proc_Example',
// An id for the plugin, must be the same as the filename
Stage: 'Pre-processing',
// Pre-processing or Post-processing. Determines when the plugin will be executed.
Name: 'No title meta data ',
// A friendly name for the plugin
Type: 'Video',
// Video, Audio, Subtitle, Any. A summary of the type of work the plugin does.
Operation: 'Transcode',
// Transcode, Filter. The operation the plugin performs.
Description: 'This plugin removes metadata (if a title exists). The output container is the same as the original. \n\n',
// A description of the plugin which will be shown in the UI.
Version: '1.00',
// Plugin version.
Tags: 'ffmpeg,h265',
// h265,hevc,h264,nvenc h265,nvenc h264,video only,audio only,subtitle only,handbrake,ffmpeg,radarr,sonarr,pre-processing,post-processing,configurable. Provide tags to categorise your plugin in the plugin browser.
Inputs: [
// (Optional) Inputs you'd like the user to enter to allow your plugin to be easily configurable from the UI.
// See the Inputs section for more info