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An object containing other data which has been added over time.

Example otherArguments object:

handbrakePath: 'C:/app/HandBrakeCLI.exe',
ffmpegPath: 'C:/app/ffmpeg.exe',
mkvpropeditPath: 'C:/app/mkvpropedit.exe',
originalLibraryFile: {...} // data of the original file before being processed.
nodeHardwareType: 'nvenc', // Node hardware type from UI option on Node options panel.
pluginCycle: 2,
workerType: 'transcodegpu',
version: '2.00.20',
platform_arch_isdocker: 'win32_x64_docker_false',
cacheFilePath: 'C:/Transcode/Cache Folder/qsv_h264-TdarrCacheFile-1FSl77HmK.mkv' // suggested cache file path if using custom transcode settings