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Before going into the 'latest' Docker container or Tdarr package, updates are put into pre-release.

Available containers:

#Tdarr Server
#{version}          #{version}          #{version}          #{version}          #Tdarr Node
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To use a pre-release in Docker, you need to specify the specific version you'd like to use in the Docker run command or Docker compose file for the acceptance containers:
Use specific

Using a native package pre-release#

To use a pre-lease when running native Tdarr packages, you need to update the Tdarr_Updater_Config.json file (located in the 'configs' folder next to Tdarr_Updater) with the 'requiredVersion' you'd like to use. Then save and run the Tdarr_Updater. For example,

Before (using 'latest')

{  "platform_arch": "default",  "modules": {    "Tdarr_Node": {      "enabled": true,      "requiredVersion": "latest",      "currentVersion": "2.00.07"    },    "Tdarr_Server": {      "enabled": true,      "requiredVersion": "latest",      "currentVersion": "2.00.07"    }  }}

After (using '2.00.12')

{  "platform_arch": "default",  "modules": {    "Tdarr_Node": {      "enabled": true,      "requiredVersion": "2.00.12",      "currentVersion": "2.00.07"    },    "Tdarr_Server": {      "enabled": true,      "requiredVersion": "2.00.12",      "currentVersion": "2.00.07"    }  }}