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How to install HandBrake

· One min read

What is HandBrake?

HandBrake is an application based on FFmpeg used for transcoding media files. FFmpeg can be quite complex to use, so HandBrake offers a simpler syntax and there's a graphical user interface version available too.

How to install HandBrake on Linux/Ubuntu:

Run the following command:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:stebbins/handbrake-releases
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install handbrake-cli handbrake-gtk
HandBrakeCLI --version

If all is installed successfully, you'll get output such as the following:

[18:21:41] Nvenc version 11.1

[18:21:41] hb_init: starting libhb thread
[18:21:41] thread 7f45593a4700 started ("libhb")
HandBrake 1.3.3

HandBrake has exited.

How to install HandBrake on Windows:

Visit the following link:

Download the relevant version (most likely x64 64 bit).

Once downloaded, run the exe file and install HandBrake. You can then use either the graphical user interface or you can download the CLI version at the following link:

How to install HandBrake on macOS:

Run the following command to install using HomeBrew and then check it's installed successfully:

brew install handbrake
HandBrakeCLI --version

Get started using Tdarr transcode automation for free with this link: