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How to install NodeJS

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Node Version Manager

The best way to install NodeJS is using Node Version Manager (NVM). Using NVM allows you to quickly switch between versions of NodeJS (useful when trying to run older applications) and allows easy update management.

Installing on Linux/MacOS

Run the install and update script found at:

Then move to the Setting up section below.

Installing on Windows

On Windows, visit the following link and download the latest release of nvm-setup.exe:

Run the installer, then move to the Setting up section below.

Setting up

Open up a terminal (admin if on Windows) and type:

nvm install 16

This will install the latest version of NodeJS 16. The terminal will then tell you which command to run to use the just-installed version, for example:

nvm use 16.15.0

You can then check it's installed correctly using:

node -v

To use a different version of NodeJS, such as 14, simply install it and then use it.

nvm install 14
nvm use 14.19.3

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