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Getting Started

Getting Started Tdarr V2 is a cross-platform, distributed transcoding system that is broken up into multiple modules. Getting multiple machines working together across a local network requires some configuration. Banner

You can run Tdarr using only a single machine. Using extra Tdarr Nodes on multiple machines to increase transcoding resources is optional.

If you're coming from V1, unfortunately, V2 uses a new database and there have been a lot of changes so you'll need to start fresh.

The following table describes the purpose of each module:

UpdaterModule used to update the other modules
ServerThe core of Tdarr. All modules connect with it. Does not do any encoding. As of v2.00.08 it contains Tdarr_WebUI.
NodeModule used for encoding. Can be run on same machine as Server or remotely.

Regardless of whether you run Tdarr on Windows, Linux or macOS or Docker, the application will have the following folder structure:


The folders are all relative to where Tdarr_Updater is launched. So keep Tdarr_Updater in its own folder if you want to keep everything together.

To run Tdarr, you'll need the Server and a Node (one or multiple).