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Tdarr_Node - Server not alive IP:xxx PORT:xxx

This is normally a firewall or networking issue.

First, navigate to the Tdarr Server IP:PORT/api/v2/status address in the browser and check it's running. E.g. localhost:8266/api/v2/status. You should see some status details:


Try putting the local IP address of the server when setting serverIP in the Node Config instead of using localhost or

If the Server and Node are on different machines, it's normally a firewall port issue (common when running a Node on a Windows machine) so you need to allow communication through ports 8266 and 8267 (default Server and Node ports).

Tdarr Node keeps registering

This happens when the Node can contact the server but the server can't contact the Node. Make sure you've set the serverIP correctly in the Config.json files. Also make sure that your firewall is not blocking ports 8266 and 8267(default Server and Node ports).

Tdarr keeps crashing on Unraid

Seems to be an issue with the Unraid cache/mover. Solution here.

I can't see the Tdarr UI in the browser, it just says Tdarr_Server

Tdarr Server runs on port 8266, the UI runs on port 8265.

OpenEncodeSessionEx failed: out of memory

If using an NVIDIA GPU, the card has most likely hit the stream limit.

Limits per GPU here.

CUDA_ERROR_NO_DEVICE: no CUDA-capable device