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HandBrake Presets

This applies when using HandBrake presets (either in plugins or simple audio/video arguments) across multiple devices.

Let's say you have the following HandBrake command, with the HandBrake preset JSON file located in Y:/media/testpreset.json on the server:

--preset-import-file "Y:/media/testpreset.json" -Z "My Preset"

The path translators mentioned in the installation steps also apply to HandBrake presets. For example, let's say the following pathTranslator has been added to a Linux Node:

"server": "Y:/media/",
"node": "/share/media"

When the Node receives the command from the server, it will be translated to the following:

--preset-import-file "/share/media/testpreset.json" -Z "My Preset"

In this example you'd need to make sure the Node can access the preset JSON file at /share/media/testpreset.json