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Non-Docker Nodes can be auto-updated to match the server version from 2.18.01 onwards. Enable the setting on the Options tab in the Tdarr web-UI.

As Docker images/containers are designed to be immutable (fixed), this option does not apply to Docker Nodes. For Nodes running in Docker, you can use container managers such as Portainer, Watchtower or Ouroboros to auto-update all your containers.

For Non-Docker Nodes, make sure you've set up the Node using Tdarr_Updater which will be used in the auto-update process.

If running multiple Nodes on the same machine, make sure they have been created by a separate Tdarr_Updater in a different directory, else 2 Nodes trying to auto-update at the same time may cause file conflicts.


On macOS and Linux Tdarr_Updater will run in the background during the update process so make sure to give it time to complete. You can view the update log at ./logs/Tdarr_Updater_Log.txt next to Tdarr_Updater.

On Windows you'll see a terminal pop-up which shows the update status.